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Spokane, Washington
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"Our daughter, Audriana, began Montessori Central shortly before she turned 3, and has now just graduated from the school, successfully completing her kindergarten year.  The most important testimonial comes from Audriana herself when she says that she wishes Montessori Central had 1st grade so that she could continue there in the fall!  With that said, I too echo her wish.  We have been so impressed and happy with the education and caring that our daughter has received at Montessori Central.  She immediately felt 'at home' in the beautiful and orderly classrooms.  Dawn Pipella, the director of the school, follows Maria Montessori's wonderful spirit and approach to teaching and learning.  The children are nurtured both academically and emotionally - with a caring approach, child-specific learning, a daily emphasis to good nutrition, and a joyful kindness that is felt the moment we drop her off in the morning.  The school's hands-on and self directed style of learning has allowed my daughter to progress at her own pace, all under the teacher's guidance, allowing her to feel the ownership of the success of her education and development.  The freedom and responsibility the children are gicen in this environment equate to a complete joy of learning.  Audriana is actively engaged in and out of school - not hesitating at all to ask the 'whys' and 'hows' of the world.  I would encourage anyone who is interested to stop by and talk to Dawn and her staff.  Set up a time to observe her classrooms and see for yourself why we recommend this school so strongly."
      -The Alfaro Family

"Both our daughter and son attended Montessori Central.  My daughter (who is now entering middle school) thrived under the instruction and support provided by the outstanding staff, and we believe her critical thinking skills were greatly enhanced at Montessori Central.  We were especially impressed by how empowered the children are on a daily basis to make their own decisions, yet still held accountable for obeying the rules.

At Montessori Central, the teachers instilled in our children a desire to learn.  The teachers believe that every interaction is an opportunity to teach.  They are supportive and encouraging, constantly building the self-esteem of the students.  Kelly and Clay would tell you today that they love school and we believe that is due to their initial introduction to school at Montessori Central.

The atmosphere at Montessori Central is conducive to learning, and we have never observed 'chaos' in the classrooms.  Overall, the students behave in a respectful manner towards the teachers and the other students.  Our children felt safe and loved at Montessori Central."
      -The Hooper Family

"Our family was part of the Montessori Central family for 6 years.  Our boys obtained a wonderful foundation in their learning journey at this school.  They bonded with the teachers so much that when they 'graduated' they asked why they couldn't continue to go to the school forever.  Both of their 1st grade teachers commented how well prepared they were for 1st grade and how helpful they were to the other children in the class when they needed assistance with their classwork.  As parents we greatly appreciated the teachers' ability to work with each child on an individual basis and at their level.  The teaching methodology was flexible enough to keep our boys very challenged and interested in school.  Our children still talk about the school and the teachers to this day.  We highly recommend Montessori Central!"
     -The Moore Family

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