Montessori Central
Spokane, Washington
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About Us

Montessori Central School was established in 1972 to present Montessori curriculum to children ages 2 1/2 to 6 years. We are located in St. Stephen's Episcopal Church at 5720 S. Perry.  Montessori Central School is nationally certified by the Montessori Institute of America. 

The staff at Montessori Central are:
Dawn Pipella - Directress
Erin Henry - Program Supervisor
Erin Parker - Lead Teacher
MaKayla Price - Assistant Teacher
Martin Alfaro - Spanish Teacher
Megan Breen - Aide

The staff are all nationally certified, experienced Montessori teachers who follow State and Montessori guidelines.  The highest educational and professional standards are maintained and supplemented on a continuing basis by attendance at local, regional, and national workshops and seminars.

Montessori Central offers families three daily schedules as follows:
Half Day: 9am - noon
Extended Day: 9am - 3pm
All Day: 7:30am - 5:30pm

Montessori Philosophy:
Montessori Central attempts to follow the essential philosphy of the famous physician-educator Dr. Maria Montessori.  We also attempt to preserve and honor her spirit of scientific inquiry in the search for ever more effective educational materials and techniques of education.

Non-discrimination Policy:
Montessori Central Association accepts and welcomes children of any race, creed, or national origin.  We like to have children of minority races enrolled so that the children can learn about all people and how to exist together happily.

Religious Philosophy:
Montessori Central Associaton is a non-denominational school located in St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, but operating entirely independent from the church.  We rent five of their classrooms and they are very supportive of our program, but not involved.  Because we are of all faiths around ALL religious holidays we discuss their origins and cultural aspects through stories, songs, etc.  We feel this is a good opportunity to help children become aware of different religious beliefs.  We recite a short prayer before we eat lunch as a group.

HomeAbout UsMontessori PhilosophyPhotosProgram GoalsInformation for Current StudentsContact UsTestimonials